Csongrád, the town that lent its name to the county, is situated at the confluence of the Tisza and Körös rivers. Our settlement is a town of waters, parks and delicious wines. The Old Town includes a complex of thatched fishermen’s houses more than 300 years old, which is unique in Central Europe. In the Körös Mouth, a natural sandbank has developed, creating the illusion of a sea beach.
The Handicraft House, where Sándor Tisza, a folk woodcarver and toymaker works, has been established in a family house in a quiet street near the downtown. He also passes on and teaches the ancient art of wood carving.
The creations of Mr. Tisza, prized by the Folk Design Council and the Lectorate of Applied Arts, are presented in the exhibition room. From time to time, guests can also see the works of craftsmen active in other fields as well.
Mr. Tisza also holds craft demonstrations and lessons for interested visitors (interested individuals, families, school groups, etc.) in his workshop. He also undertakes the organization of handicraft camps from spring to autumn.
The Handicraft House also operates as a guesthouse, providing accommodation to its guests.
Before visits by groups or individual visitors, the details and time of the visit should be agreed in advance.

Address of the accommodation: Csongrád, Dankó Pista  street  30